Florida GoFoam

Florida has four major foam recycling centers and could support many more throughout the state.

Explore the economic impact of foam.

The foam industry provides thousands of jobs across the country and saves consumers millions of dollars every year.

Foam Across Industries

A typical foam tray costs significantly less than a compostable tray – saving some school districts over a million dollars per year in material cost.
Most hospitals use polystyrene foam products to minimize exposure to bacteria and other foodborne pathogens.
The PS foam manufacturing industry is dedicated to keeping costs low, increasing efficiency and excellence, and delivering solutions for economic growth.
Many restaurants and food trucks rely on the convenience, insulation properties, and high level of sanitation afforded by foam food packaging in providing healthy food to their customers.
Small Business
Many restaurants that use foam are considered small businesses. From an economic perspective, foam is often the most cost effective choice for small business owners.
Because of its lightweight structure, polystyrene foam is a preferred protective packaging for use in shipping valuable items.

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